Top summer songs

Auch ohne Ferien ist der Sommer noch da! Für die gute Laune hat die 7a  Playlists mit ihren Lieblingshits zusammengestellt. Cover you in sunshine!

1.Please don ́t go by Mike Posner

The song is about a boy who sings to his girlfriend and says that he doesn ́t want her to leave him. He wants to be with her forever and to start every day together. I think it is really nice to listen because it has a really nice beat and nice lyrics.

2. Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara

The song is so nice, I love to listen to it. It is perfect dance music. You can listen to it with friends or alone and dance. But if we listen closer to the song, it is really sad, because it is about a boy who broke a girl ́s heart and she sings about it. But with the beat and the singing it is not like `that` sad, it makes it more ́happy ́.

3. Chandelier by Sia

The song is about feelings of liberation, emptiness and alcoholism. It’s a really important subject, the song is both: beautiful but sad – but still something for our summer list.

4. Summer by Calvin Harris

The song talks about a man who fell in love with a girl in summer. But the love suddenly ended – just like summer ends. The reason why the relationship was ending was because the girl was not trustworthy and honest to the man.

5. Runaway by Galantis

Runaway is about not loving someone or not wanting to help others because of their negative reaction. But when they talk to the people, they realize that they have the same fears and they are not alone. You can vibe to the beat and sing or dance to it!

Anneke Esperling