Feel the groove!

Unbenannt1Hi to all the students, teachers and parents, who are interested in a project which is called the “Grölgruppe”. 


The event, which took place on the 14th of February, was all about people singing together no matter how good their skills regarding singing are. So instead of having usual English classes, two of the Q2 courses had the chance to participate in the project. Planing and practicing the project took about 4 weeks. With this event not only the older students could step out of the daily school routine but also the younger ones who were interested in something different and refreshing in the meantime. The event was filled with songs from Canada, Ireland and a couple of quiz questions to entertain the audience even more.Unbenannt2

The teachers prepared it all together with the students by dividing them into groups, for example musicians or tech-staff members. That made it easier to work as fast and efficient as possible so everyone was involved in the field they are interested in the most. Sometimes it was kind of a mission for the musicians to cooperate with everyone else but the result was a total success especially because many people joined the event and showed surprisingly high interest. We are sure to speak for everyone when we say it was a lot of fun. It would be awesome to do this kind of work more.

Niklas Clasen

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