Homeschooling – a day in a life of kids in times of Corona

My day starts at 08:30am, it`s a little bit later than normal days. After I wake up, I go downstairs and have breakfast. At 10:00am I get tutoring. Afterwards I go in the garden and play soccer with my neighbour, but we keep a two-metre distance. In the afternoon I play computer games with him, while each one sitting in his own room. At 4pm I read a book or watch a movie on Netflix. In the evening I go to bed. I like the fact that I have more time, it´s less stressful. I don´t like this situation because my grandmas and grandpas are old and not healthy, so that they are at risk.

I get up at 9 o’clock , not at haf past six as usually, because of Corona. I have breakfast, some toast and water, and then I drive to my mother’s practice with my bike at 9.50 am. I do my work there for every school subject every day and the WLAN there is really good !!! When I am ready with my work, we go for a walk and then we have lunch. Next we have a break and listen to the „Die drei ???“ . Then I do my work. After that I sometimes play computer games with my friends. In the afternoon I play the guitar at home and after playing the guitar, I go to the beach with my brothers and my mother and sometimes with my Dad, too. There I can drive scooter or waveboard, that’s great! When we go home, it’s late and it is sunset. In the evening I have dinner with my family. After dinner I watch the news and TV with my brothers and Mom and Dad. I go to bed late, not at half past eight. In bed I read my book „Der König der Diebe” and fall asleep.

I wake up at 7:30 am. Then I wash myself and dress up. After that I have breakfast with my brother Jakob and my dad. My mom leaves early because she is a doctor. Right now my father tries to work from home to watch us. He`s an engineer for Draeger. After breakfast I brush my teeth. Next I do my schoolwork. That is difficult sometimes because my brother is 8 years old and is very loud and active. And my parents have to work. Sometimes I play first or I listen to music or read books. In the afternoon I have lunch. Then I work for school again. Sometimes I and my brother play in the garden or play table tennis. Later in the afternoon my mom comes home. Together we skate or ride our bikes. I like that very much. Sometimes we go to the sea. In the evening we have dinner. After that we play often play games or watch a TV series. At 9pm I go to bed and fall asleep.

Homeschooling can be dangerous for the trampoline and your hairstyle… (Wenzel and Josefine)


I get up at 7:00 o´clock, not at 6:30 am. Then I have breakfast. I eat bun with jam and cheese. At 8:00 o´clock I look at the computer: What do we have to do for work? Next I do my work. It is another situation. In between I make a break, I read my book. After break I go on. Then I`m ready, I eat lunch. It`s 1:30 pm. Then I play in the garden or inside. I like homeschooling because, I choose when I get up or when I start my work. I don`t like homeschooling because, I don´t work with my friends. The day is okay, but I like the normal day.

I don’t get up early, not before 8 o’clock. Then I have breakfast with my family. I drink hot chocolate. I like to have time. I don’t have to hurry to the bus stop. After breakfast I go jogging with my dogs on the beach. There are not many people but lots of seagulls on the bridges. Next I do my homework. Sometimes I ask my mum. I make many breaks and I jump on my trampoline in the garden. In the afternoon, when the sun is shining, I go for a tour on my bike or I go for a walk with the dogs. Or I go shopping for my grandma. She has to stay at home because of Corona. I worry about my granny. I miss my friends. I have to play alone. In the evening I help my mum with dinner. After that we play games or watch TV. It’s fun to go to bed late at 10 p.m.. Before sleeping I read a book (Herr der Diebe). Sometimes it‘ s like holiday but I miss school. I hope I can go to school after Easter.  Mia

Coronaferia – Dear reader, I want to tell you about homeoffice because of the Coronavirus. Homeoffice is very stressful because we have to write a lot more than in the normal classes. But at home we can eat when we are working and we can stand up later than normal. I can’t play with my friends, that`s very stupid, I miss my friends. Sometimes I have too much work, but I have little freetime. I think I’m doing too much for school. I need free time. But in the morning I read very much „ Herr Der Diebe“. We have to read it for German class after vacation and I like it. I have already watched the movie. The movie is very nice and the book is very nice too. We don’t eat lunch like in schooltimeL, but we eat better dinner. I like our dinner. Now when the sun is outside we can (if I have freetime) ca go for a walk. It’s very nice with the sun.

In the corona time I usually wake up at eight o’clock. I brush my teeth, take a shower and then dress up. After breakfast together with my brothers I go into my room to do the schoolwork at home. My parents have to work even in Corona time. Therefore my brothers and I have lunch at one o’clock without our parents. Afterwards we often go into the garden. The sun is shining and it is warm. We love to jump on our trampoline. It is very funny. Jumping against Corona! In the afternoon my mum returns from work. The rest of the day we spend together. At a quarter to six my mum sends all the work of my brothers and me to the teachers. After dinner I go to bed at nine o’clock. I like to read a book till ten o’clock. I fall a sleep about thirty minutes later. I am looking forward to having holidays very soon.